Indie has the dubious honour of being the first dog that I photographed in my brand new studio at KURI (more about that soon). I was jumping for joy when her mum said she wanted to do a cake smash!

Indie is a young dog and she was a little nervous when she first came into the studio. I spent a few minutes reassuring her and she turned into a total pushover. She’s such a gentle, cuddly soul with a cheeky playful side. Her gentleness turned into politeness when we put the cake out for her to eat. Instead of tucking right in, first she carefully took the biscuits off the top and then gently started breaking her way into the cake. It was so precious to watch Indie take on her cake in this way, my heart just melted.

Cake Smash Sessions featured in Avenues Magazines‘ pick of the top dog friendly things to do in Christchurch, read what they said on Stuff. If you would like to know more about my cake smash sessions please have a look at the sessions page on my website.