5 Reasons Small Pet Businesses Should Hire A Professional Photographer

It’s a challenging time for small businesses in the wake of the global COVID-19 Pandemic. I know budgets are tight, but I want to share with you how important professional photography is for a small business and why it’s worth the investment, despite the current situation. So these are my top 5 reasons to hire a professional photographer for your pet business.


First of all, I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying all the love local businesses are getting from people at the moment. Facebook Groups like New Zealand Made Products and Pet Business Networking NZ are really showcasing the small, local businesses. They are celebrating the famous Kiwi ingenuity and I love it, though my wallet isn’t as happy haha! SO little glimmers of hope like this can’t help be leave me feeling optimistic for the future and the recovery of the pet product and services industry. We are a nation of animal lovers after all.


There’s nothing I love more than being part of the pet community in New Zealand, I’ve made so many wonderful friends over the years. I’m really passionate about what I do, photographing pets. Even more so when the images I create help someone tell the story of themselves and their brand. I want every business to showcase their uniqueness and photography that is specific to a business enables it to you stand out in the market. It’s one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to enhance your brand and tell your story.


Here are my 5 reasons to hire a professional photographer for your pet business:


1: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.


One of the most important aspects of establishing an attractive brand is the ability to clearly convey who and what your business is, to make it trustworthy, recognisable and desirable. Now more than ever, customers want to know the person behind a small business brand too. Professional Photography empowers you to tell your story without even saying a word.



Image shot for Great Nature dog treats.



2: It Gives You An Edge.


Whether potential customers first come into contact with your business on social media, via your website or in person, excellent quality images give you an edge. They give you the chance to gain an advantage over your competitors whose aesthetic isn’t as eye catching or professional. Unique images created specifically to tell your brand story will always have the edge over others.



Image shot for The Balanced Dog, canine massage therapy.



3: Photography (especially of pets) Is Extremely Sharable.


The internet was made for people to share pictures of their pets right?! YES! But it has become a fast-paced world where content is king. Having an engaged social media audience is invaluable for driving new business in your direction. Great photography makes engagement so much easier and attracts people whose needs align with what you have to offer.



Image shot for The Life of Riley, dog bedding.



4: A Pet Photographer Understands Your Needs.


You should always work with a Professional Photographer who understands your needs, and wherever possible, is a specialist in the genre you are looking to have photographed. How do you know if they do understand? They’ll ask lots of questions about you, your brand, the feeling you want to convey, where and how you’ll be using the images and lots of other things that will help them build your story in their mind, long before they get their camera out. They will work with you to find the best solutions to your imaging needs.


Have a think about the answers to some of those questions so you’re prepared.



Image shot for P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You) toys and bedding.



5: Professional Photography is Cost Effective.


It’s easy to dismiss professional photography because of the upfront costs. But what if I told you that it is really one of the most cost effective aspects of your business? You’ll have a portfolio of images you can use in your business for months, years even.
Good photography drives sales, it makes your service look better and it shows what you do in the best light. You just have to look at big brands for proof. The spends thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars on photography. Why? Because they know it works. Consumers ALWAYS choose brands with good photography over those with bad, boring or mediocre images. If you look at the bigger picture, you can’t afford not to hire a photographer!



Image shot for Purina.

Here’s the Bonus Round!

Most photographers, myself included, are also small businesses. Helping each other out, especially in times of crisis, is a fantastic thing to do for the community. I’ve been supporting as many small businesses as I can since we went into Lockdown Level 3, and I plan on continuing that going forward.

Finally A Warning…

Stock photography can be an inexpensive, or even a free way to get pretty good images. The odd stock image here or there can be useful for some marketing purposes. But a big part of your SEO ranking is based on your unique content. Yep, Google (and other search engines) punish websites that have content and photography that is used too much. Imagine if you used stock images that has been sold hundreds or thousands of times. That elusive place on page one of Google would be virtually impossible. 

It’s also worth remembering those exact same images can be used by anyone and everyone for any reason at all, including your competitors. I see it happen, I see it locally and I see it quite often, how embarrassing! Next time you’re at a Pet Expo or pet event, check out some other businesses, I’m sure you’ll see it yourself. In particular, there’s a very busy little Jack Russell who manages to get everywhere. Recognise him?



That Jack Russell gets everywhere!

So that’s it, my reasons to hire a professional photographer for your pet business. I hope you enjoyed reading and have some ideas what kind of photography you need in your business to make you stand out.


Whatever you need, I’ve got you covered.


Lifestyle shots of dogs and their owners using your products, product shots and even headshots or portraits of you and your pets for your ‘about me’ page. I’m here to help you tell your story. I’ve put together a super awesome small business photography package for pet businesses. It’s completely affordable and I am confident it will add huge value to your message.


Oh did I mention I also have a database of animal models which has almost 100 perfect pets waiting for their moment? I’ve got you covered for animals too, just in case you don’t want to use your own!




Get in touch to find out more about my Small Business Package, and book a no obligation consultation to chat about what imagery your business needs.


Image shot for MeYou cat beds.

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