I did a few shoots for K9 Rescue & Rehoming recently. There is a series of rehoming success stories that Trisha, who runs K9 Rescue, wanted to feature on story boards at their big Hollywood Ball fundraiser. It would involve 6 photo shoots with dogs with hugely different stories, from dogs just not being wanted anymore to ones being starved half to death. I was really keen to help out and got straight to work.

I thought it would be great to raise a bit of awareness for K9 Rescue & Rehoming and the awesome work Trisha does by telling my readers all 6 of these stories over the next couple of weeks. So here we go, first up is Archie, a gorgeous King Charles Spaniel X.

Archie’s story is fairly straightforward. He was surrendered by his owner in Oamaru who could no longer give Archie the time he needed. Trisha knew just the people who would love Archie, they already had everything they needed to introduce a dog to their home, they were just waiting for the right one to come along. She introduced Archie to Tarn and her daughter Hannah. Tarn says “when Trisha and her kids called in to say hi with Archie (in January 2012). He bounded out of her truck and into the front door of our home and jumped all over Hannah, showering her with greetings and kisses! Her eyes lit up, her heart opened and as she was hugging him she mouthed “I want him” And that was that.” Archie moved straight in and he and his new family have never looked back.

Archie loves his walks, the bath tub and sleeping on Tarns bed.

So, tell me what you think, who loves Archie?

If you want to know more about K9 Rescue & Rehoming and the work they do, check out their website or Facebook page. I am continuing to offer my services to K9 Rescue by photographing some of the dogs available for adoption. I believe that good photographs of these rescue animals are becoming increasingly important. Less people are visiting rescue centres now that they can see who’s up for adoption online and if the animals personality doesn’t shine through in that image, they aren’t going to get a second chance. Keep your eyes on my Facebook page, you might just fall in love with one of these deserving souls.