After two intense days of lessons and shoots day three gave us a little time to relax, but not too much! Our day started early with some off-camera flash practice around the house with three fantastic doggy models, then we had the afternoon off. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, there were KITTENS!!!

Photo: Chantal Levesque Photography (I think!)

Yes, that right, we we greeted by the tiny meows of some 5-8 week old kittens who were soon to be up for adoption via PAWS. Naturally, despite me wanting to get as much off camera flash practice in as I could, I just had to make the kittens my first stop. Fellow student Josie was pretty quick off the mark to volunteer her room as the designated kitten zone and a few of us stayed inside for our kitten fix while the others headed out with Holly from PAWS and her own two rescue dogs, Alfie and Bonnie, and a gorgeous rottweiler called Donna.

Slideshow above.

When dealing with kittens one must try not to let time run away from you, so prizing myself away after about an hour (I think), I headed outside. Donna was posing beautifully on a walkway to one of the rooms and I was very excited to work with some flash and strobes with Kaylee and Sam, it is one thing I would like to focus on learning in 2017. After I had my turn and managing to get a couple of shots I’m really happy with, I went down to the pool where Alfie and Bonnie were chilling out on the sun loungers. Armed with a softbox and speedlight, Nicole was showing us the ropes.

Slideshow above

We had the afternoon off, and went about various activities, of course, for me and a few others, it just had to be another wildlife spotting tour around a different part of Manuel Antonio National Park. It was, once again, amazing, it astounds me how much wildlife there was everywhere we went, but it was even more amazing is how much of it we would have missed if it wasn’t for our amazing guide, Manuel. So many of these animals are well camouflaged, the potoo, a bird that looks just like a branch of a tree, various lizards who blend right into the foliage, even sloths merge pretty well into their surroundings. We saw a white tailed deer and her baby, many more monkeys and I encountered my first big spider (and was brave enough to photograph it!)

Slideshow above. Warning: Contains spider!

In the fourth and final part of my Costa Rican tale, I will tell you all about the amazing shoot we did with the adoptable dogs of PAWS in the jungle and how, thanks to one Barkarican, the life of one of those adoptable dogs changed forever.