Black dogs are notoriously difficult to rehome and Beau holds the record for taking the longest to adopt. He’d been staying with Tania and Grant who often foster rescue dogs from K9 Rescue & Rehoming until a suitable home is found. After Beau was abandoned he was to be Tania and Grant’s first foster dog. He quickly forgot about his troubled past and became very loyal and trusting. After several unsuccessful attempts to find him a forever home Tania and Grant decided the only true forever home for Beau was with them.

Beau has become a great foster brother for many other dogs, playing with them all day long and letting them share his bed. When Maverick arrived, another black dog that nobody applied to adopt, he and Beau formed a special bond and they were inseparable and so it was decided, he would stay put and become another permanent addition to Tania & Grant’s family.

If you want to know more about K9 Rescue & Rehoming and the work they do, check out their website or Facebook page. I am continuing to offer my services to K9 Rescue by photographing some of the dogs available for adoption. I believe that good photographs of these rescue animals are becoming increasingly important. Less people are visiting rescue centres now that they can see who’s up for adoption online and if the animals personality doesn’t shine through in that image, they aren’t going to get a second chance. Keep your eyes on my Facebook page, you might just fall in love with one of these deserving souls.