If you’ve been wondering about how Santa Paws sessions work, wonder no more! Here’s a look behind the scenes along with some of my favourite images from past Santa Paws events.

This year Santa Paws is going to the beach to celebrate a proper Kiwi Christmas, check out that little video above for a taste for what’s happening.

Above everything, I want to make the Santa Paws events a fun experience for everyone, especially the pets I meet. There are lots of tricks I’ve learnt over the years to enhance your pets enjoyment when they meet Santa. Here are just a few things you can do to help too:


  • Be on time for your appointment, plan on arriving 5-10 minutes before your session time. Santa Paws sessions run back to back and trying to remain on time is really important, not just for other people waiting, but to keep your dogs happy too.
  • I will have lots of treats with me.  However, if you have a dog with special dietary needs or who is just fussy, bring some of their most favourite treats with you.
  • If your dog has a favourite ball or toy you can bring that along too, it is often helpful in getting their attention.
  • Take your dogs for a walk before their Santa Paws session to help them burn off some energy!
  • Please ensure any dogs, cats or other animals are transported safely and securely to the locations.

Here’s what people are saying about their Santa Paws photos…


If you’d like to know all the details of this years Santa Paws events in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown, or of you’d like to book your dog in

Last but not least, have a look through some of my favourite images from previous years Santa Paws events!

See you there.