Bonnie is a gentle senior dog who was tied up and abandoned outside a supermarket. When she arrived at K9 Rescue & Rehoming Trisha was giving her belly rubs and found that Bonnie had a lump on her breast. The vet confirmed that Bonnie had a tumor and would need surgery to remove the lump.

Julie had lost another dog to cancer some time ago and had decided to adopt a new fur baby so she visited K9 Rescue. Julie met Bonnie before her surgery and Bonnie ran straight over to her for cuddles. In that moment Julie had already made up her mind. After the usual home check and Bonnies surgery she went home with Julie, who lives near the beach. Julie Says “Bonnie loves her walks along the beach side but doesn’t like to go in the water! She is my best friend and everything I ever imagined in a best friend.”

Bonnie is also quite content curled up by the fire, very much like she was on the cold morning I visited to take her photos. She has found a new friend in Julie’s cat too!

If you want to know more about K9 Rescue & Rehoming and the work they do, check out their website or Facebook page. I am continuing to offer my services to K9 Rescue by photographing some of the dogs available for adoption. I believe that good photographs of these rescue animals are becoming increasingly important. Less people are visiting rescue centres now that they can see who’s up for adoption online and if the animals personality doesn’t shine through in that image, they aren’t going to get a second chance. Keep your eyes on my Facebook page, you might just fall in love with one of these deserving souls.