Quake Cats

“I love cats because I enjoy my home and little by little, they become its visible soul.”

– Jean Cocteau

Last year’s Quake Dogs captured our hearts and the book was an instant best-seller. But people kept asking: “What about our beloved cats? How did the devastating Christchurch earthquakes affect them and their families?”

Quake Cats brings us some of their stories: true tales of heroism, odd and quirky stories, funny stories, sad stories – stories that will surprise you, make you chuckle or make you go awwww.

Fergie, missing for a few days, had been hiding in the engine cavity. Her owner, driving at 50km the following day, felt a thump. She looked in the rear-vision mirror horrified to see a ball of fur tumbling behind, landing frozen on the road. The panicked owner jumped out of the car only to see Fergie flee in fright. Thankfully, they found her a few days later, miraculously injury-free.

There’s Chippy, found living in an abandoned fish and chip shop deep in the Red Zone, eating the old oil, and covered in it. There are the big cats of Orana Wildlife Park, disturbed when the huge earthquake struck and the fences banged together, making a fearful sound.

Terrified, enormous TC squeezed his 10kg bulk in under the oven and was stuck; Max was found sitting on the car bonnet in a pool of blood from his badly-infected quake wounds; Cookie’s personality completely changed; Mary wouldn’t have coped without her Polly-Girl; Mr Splitty is a shadow of his former self; Hades was back with his family after wandering 5km from home and missing for six weeks; Mia was once a loving and beautiful lap cat, now spends most of her time hiding; abandoned, viciously attacked by a dog Ninja has now been re-homed; once confident, a terrified Star now spends most of her time hiding behind the curtain; some grabbed precious photos, Vicki just grabbed her adorable, big fluffy Roley; Minnie was found homeless, severely underweight and heavily pregnant; Raymond developed a myriad of psychological issues after being rescued; crushed by falling masonry, a complete stranger paid the vet bills for its massive head injuries and adopted him.

Part of the proceeds from this book help support Christchurch cat charities which work tirelessly to re-home cats that have become separated from their owners.


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