I’m continuing my #DogIsLove series with these two lovely ladies. Maryanne and Red. I like to call this one Beauty and the Beast.

These two have been absolutely besotted with each other since the very first day Maryanne joined the family. Maryanne, the Chinese Crested is quick, not just on her feet, but with her wits too and she keeps Red thinking. Their owner Laura says there is a pure connection of love between them and when they aren’t up and about causing mischief they are curled up sleeping together.

For this shoot we went to the Transitional, or as it’s more commonly known, Cardboard Cathedral here in Christchurch City. I won’t get into the politics, or my own personal feelings about the this or the ‘real’ Cathedral, but it certainly made a fantastic backdrop for this shot!

I’m so grateful to have this odd couple as part of #DogIsLove to help show that love conquers all.


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#DogIsLove – Raising funds for RainbowYOUTH and dogs in need.

I’ve launched a range of #DogIsLove merchandise, greetings cards, limited edition prints and buttons/badges. OH MY GOD the 80’s child in my is in heaven) and calendars are coming soon. I hope to raise money for RainbowYOUTH and a variety of dog rescue charities, to find out more and make a purchase head over to the Furtography store.

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