A new way to celebrate your dogs in the places they love.

Inspired by the classic film-making philosophy of Panavision – aimed at pushing the boundaries of technology and image quality – Furtography has created Dogorama. It’s simple really; I want to celebrate your dogs in their happiest places in the great outdoors. My vision is to create beautiful images that combine epic scenery without compromising on showcasing the personality-filled images Furtography has become renowned for with clients all around the world. Then turn those images into art pieces that hang proudly in your home.

What is Dogorama?

The technique of creating Dogorama images is something I’ve been refining for a couple of years. Using ultra high-quality medium-format Fujifilm cameras and lenses, the quality of a single shot is unbeatable. However, capturing these epic scenes just can’t be achieved in a single frame. I take multiple images of the scene, making sure your dog is looking their best, and combine them to create a single, wide-angle panoramic image. Dogorama images can be made from as few as three images or as many as 30 and keep true to the wide dimensions of Panavision, most recently seen in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’.

I created Dogorama for many reasons. These scenes just can’t be given justice in a single frame. Combining multiple frames allows me to capture a wide-angle view while still putting the focus on the main subject — your dog. While the landscape is the supporting act, they shine in the starring role.

Why Choose Dogorama?

The huge resolution of these combined images provides a level of clarity and detail that can’t be achieved in a single frame. The effect is so complete, it’s guaranteed to take you back. Every time you look at it you’ll remember how you felt as you watched the wind blowing your dogs’ ears in every direction, the smell of the sea breeze or the crunch of snow underfoot. The pride you felt when they were “good, good dogs” and nailed the shot. You’ll be reminded of the joy they bring to your life. Every. Single. Day.

All this brings me to the final and perhaps most important point… print quality.

Art That’s Personal.

The importance of printing and displaying photography in your home cannot be emphasised enough. All your precious memories should take pride of place; family portraits, weddings, life achievements and family milestones, should all be right there on your walls. These moments in time are your legacy, and the legacies that our loved ones leave us, so I believe our entire families must exist in photos—and that includes your four-legged family members. I want to create legacy artwork for you, that forever captures the important place that your dogs share in your heart and your family.

Dogorama images have such an incredible resolution that means you can (and should) print as big as you dare. Fill that wall. Go big or go home. The sky is the limit and all the other clichés you can think of. We can print in standard sizes of 80cm to 150cm long or we can create custom sizes as big as three metres wide! Dogorama images are a statement, a piece of personal art that celebrates your favourite furry companions in their favourite places.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the treats, put on their best collars, go for a ride in the car and join me on an adventure that I promise will be your best friends’ best day ever. The result? Legacy artwork that will forever bring back wonderful memories.

“A photograph doesn’t exist until it is printed”

Furtography specialises in creating gorgeous, high quality products so you have something the cherish forever after your session. Artwork that is truly worthy of celebrating the legacy of your dog.

The Artwork.

Dogorama images are only completed once they hang on your wall. They are available in standard sizes ranging from 80cm to 150cm on the long side or you can customise sizes up to 3 metres wide.

Printed at one of the best photo labs in the world, UltraHD metallic acrylic wall art perfectly matches the crispness and clarity of the digital image. The metallic sheen adds extra colour and sparkle to make each piece truly unique. The artwork is then encased in a fine aluminium frame and furnished with rails at the back enabling easy hanging. UltraHD acrylic art is hard to beat!

What’s is the investment?

Your photoshoot can take place anywhere in and around Christchurch and the session fee is $249. Artwork is selected at your Image Premiere at the Furtography Studio by appointment around a week after the session. Dogorama artwork prices start from $1999.

Not in Christchurch or want to head out of town?

That’s OK, either upgrade to an Adventure Session which includes travel anywhere in New Zealand or join my waiting list. I regularly travel to Auckland, Dunedin and Queenstown, as well as other areas when there is demand. Contact me for details.

All artwork is covered by the Furtography Promise*:

  • 100% satisfaction
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Accidental damage cover.

*Conditions apply

See How Dogorama Are Created!

Watch me edit a Dogorama in hyperspeed! This is sped up to 20x faster than real life.


Furtography is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and serves clients throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

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