Dogs of the World.

My favourite images of dogs from all over the world.

Who doesn’t love to travel? When I’m overseas, I miss my dog like crazy, so why not get some puppy love from other peoples’ pooches! Dogs of the World started in Sydney in 2016 and is an ongoing project.

Originally it was about exploring iconic landmarks which are unmistakably that place. It seems to be ever evolving and now it is that, but it is also images that have a sense of belonging and sometimes it is images where the dog breeds match the locations, like Ginger, a corgi in London, or Chi a Chihuahua at ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico for instance.

I have a list as long of my arm or images I want to create for this series and I look forward to more travel and exploration and adding to this collection.

I take commissions for these works, so if you’d like me to visit your location and be part of this series, get in touch.

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