Furtography wins 9 awards and the honour of ‘Master Of Photography’ at the Epson/NZIPP IRIS awards 2017.

It was about this time last year when I proudly declared that I’d had some awesome successes at the 2016 IRIS awards after entering for the first time ever. Winning 7 awards and earning my NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography) Associate medal.

Well I’m just beside myself with excitement to tell you that this year I’ve gone and done it again! I won’t go on about it too much (well maybe a little), but I won a total of 5 silver and 4 bronze awards. One of the silver awards was for my book, A Dog’s Life, which is a huge deal for me and is an extra special award. I’m sure most of you can appreciate the hundreds of hours of work that go into producing a book, and the result is not something that you can tweak and change little things that might irk a panel of judges.

Silver Award: A Dog’s Life, now a bestselling, award winning book!

My finest hour was still to come though! At the gala dinner on the final night, I was also awarded my Master of Photography medal.

These are not easy accolades to win. I wasn’t in Wellington for last years awards or conference, but I was this year. Let me tell you that sitting in the judging room and seeing the images presented to the judges and hearing their comments is both exciting and utterly terrifying! All in all though, a lot can be learned from the process of entering IRIS and hearing the judges comment on everyone’s images. If anyone reading has entered or is thinking of entering the IRIS awards, I can’t recommend highly enough to make the trip to see the judging and view everyone’s entries in person. Below is a slideshow of my winning image from 2017. Be sure to head over to the InFocus website and check out the other award winners too.


Then there was the InFocus conference; 2 solid days of education and inspiration filled with amazing speakers from all over the world covering all aspects of the business of photography, demos, workshops, seminars and photoshoots. Every person spoke with such honesty and passion for what they do and the industry we all love. It was inspiring and, at times, quite emotional as people shared stories of photographing Christchurch’s Red Zone after the earthquakes, of travelling overseas and telling the stories of abandoned children crippled by the effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam through documentary photography, of overcoming illness and depression through photography. To all the photographers reading this, next year, make time in your calendar and get yourself to InFocus, you won’t regret it. To the general public, there are lots of events for you too enjoy too, particularly the exhibition of awarded images.

I’ll leave you with this image of me with my associate (blue ribbon) and my master (red ribbon) medals and let you decide how much I’d had to drink before stepping into the photo booth!


I also want to say a HUGE thank you to my awesome clients, without you I wouldn’t have image to enter into these awards!