This year began in the most incredible way imaginable. I've been photographing dogs in New York, London and Paris. Take a look at the gorgeous pooches I got to cuddle!

At the end of 2017 I got to spend a magical Christmas back on the island of Guernsey, with family and friends over there. After that we headed to Paris, London and New York for a bit of a break. As usual, I couldn’t stop myself from continuing my dream of photographing dogs in the world’s most amazing places. So here are some of the dogs I met on my travels.

I also managed to catch up with some fellow pet photographers from the Barka workshop on shoots, in the pub or at broadway shows! Bridget, Cat, Josie, Kaylee, Marieke & Mike, it was so good to hang out with you again. I’m very much looking forward to the next time we meet.

It was pure serendipity that the dogs I met were relevant to the locations they were in. A French Bulldog in Paris. A Corgi, synonymous with London for it’s royal connections and American Pitbull Terriers in New York City. I couldn’t have planned it if I tried, but it has now left me with a dozen other ideas and future excuses to travel.

I think this shot of Tallulah at The Louvre could be my favourite from the whole trip. Maybe because it’s Paris, my favourite city on earth (so far), maybe it’s Tallulah, who was the most amazing model and maybe it’s the work that went into it afterwards! Here you see the result of about six hours stitching nine shots together to form a massive 400 megapixel panorama. My poor computer almost gave up on me.

Cleo in Times Square, NYC.

Chu, Mellie & Zoey at Central Park, NYC.

Little Chu, in the first image, was rescued from Korea where unspeakable things would have happened to her that I can’t even bring myself to type. She was in Foster care with Mellie & Zoey’s owner and I am thrilled to say since I returned home, Chu has found her forever family.


Penelope, LooseSeal & TrueBlue in Dumbo, NYC.

Again, Miss True in the first image was a rescue in foster care, she is 11 years old and has been used all her life as a puppy making machine. She was so gentle; a little shy but the sweetest little soul.

The temperature during the 5 days we were in New York ranged from a low of -12 to a high of -2 degrees celsius. Now you can stop wondering why all the dogs were wearing jackets!!!


Ginger at Tower Bridge, London.

Tallulah at The Louvre, Paris.

Finally, just for fun, I wanted to share a few Behind the Scenes images to show you how much fun it was meeting these dogs and catching up with friends.

Thanks Cat, Bridget & Chris for the photos. Thanks too to all the amazing clients and dogs I met on my travels.

Here’s to the next trip!