With only 10 days to go till Quake Dogs is released, I thought I’d post a few ramblings about some of the statistics from my part of the Quake Dogs journey along with a few more photos.

The first photoshoot for the book was back in December last year and was for Loki & Hunny, and the last was on 23rd March when I travelled down to Oamaru to photograph Crystal. Crystal and her best buddy, Izi are mascots for the Oamaru fire service so we did a few shots at the station, those shots didn’t make the book but the ones that did are super cute. Right at the last minute before Quake Dogs went to print back in June, the addition of an image to illustrate the Unknown Dog story was still needed, we took Laura’s dog George to Hagely Park one wet evening and this shot of him looking mysterious in the rain was the one we selected.


We travelled far and wide for Quake Dogs stories as many had moved away from Christchurch, 4 dogs were in Auckland, 8 in Wellington, 1 in Dunedin and of course, Crystal, who I already mentioned was in Oamaru. We never had a dull moment whilst traveling to various interviews and shoots, especially in moments like when my hand luggage started squeaking when airport security put it through the x-ray! Pet photographers don’t just take their cameras on a shoot, there are all sorts of props, treats and a squeaky toy or two.


Photographing the USAR dogs at a training session was incredible, getting to see how they work so methodically and with such precision. Hiding out in a hole waiting for them to find me, so I could photograph them from the perspective of a victim is something I will never forget. Two police dogs and a LandSAR dog also feature in the book.

100 dogs, 2 cats and a chicken were photographed for the 68 stories in the book. A chicken you ask? Yep, the chicken hangs out in the garden with Tara and Adam, these two beautiful Collies.

Tara & Adam

When so many dogs are involved in a project, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter some with the same name, we had 3 milo’s, 3 Jess’s and 2 Rocky’s, all be it with different spellings.


You can pre-order signed copies of Quake Dogs right here on the FURtography website, and I hope you enjoy reading the stories of all our Quake Dogs as much as Laura and I have compiling the stories and photographing them.

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